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Based in Santa Clarita Valley, Action is a company comprised of individuals passionate about helping others overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Throughout the calendar year, we conduct numerous projects to benefit our community, such as: donating food, providing scholarships, hosting free community educational events, hosting free community training's, hiring recovering addicts, offering expert speakers to our community, donating funds and time to not-for-profit organizations, hosting drug take backs, and much more. 

We believe that every successful company has the responsibility to create social good in the communities of which it serves, so we are proud to give back to our community ourselves. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for posts of upcoming events and educational updates!

The Tide Program

The following is by Cary Quashen, via the Canyon Country Magazine.

As a high risk teen counselor and a certified addiction specialist, I know that at-risk students can be found in any school setting, be it an elementary, junior or senior high school. The TIDE Program gives these students another chance. Many families find themselves in “stormy” situations when their ‘tweens and teens go through the difficult period of development called adolescence. These crises are often accompanied by rebellion, drug and alcohol abuse and dependency, poor communication, low self-esteem, disrespect for authority, lack of motivation, academic problems and conflicts associated with peer pressure and the stress and strains associated with living in today’s society. Despite the evidence of decline in the use of some drugs, substance use among youth is still a major concern.


Not all students fall apart during adolescent development. However, there are teens making wrong decisions with regard to teen drug and alcohol use, and that drug use spills into their lives at school. Some kids are coming to school high or drunk, and some kids are selling drugs on school campuses. It’s a fact of life and is happening in all communities across the nation. Studies by P.L. Ellickson, J.S. Tucker, and D.J. Klein reveal that early substance abuse has been linked to impaired school performance, employment problems and criminal behavior in adulthood.


When teens were in trouble and involved with substance abuse there was an immediate suspension and/or expulsion from school. But, most times school administrators felt the need to help students beyond suspensions and expulsions and found that, often times, zero tolerance policies were just not working.


Locally, the desire by many to extend a helping hand to at-risk teens, has combined with the myriad school administrators who want to impact student lives positively. The result is a partnership between Action Family Counseling and the William S. Hart Union High School District in a new program called TIDE (Training, Intervention, Drug Education), which is an alternative to suspensions and expulsions.

"an alternative to suspensions and expulsions" 

Students who are referred to the program are referred by school administrators in collaboration with their parents and must commit and successfully complete a three-day intensive education program. The intervention program is highly structured, and is not a one-shot lecture or video about the ills of drug use, but offers an open group format, group role playing, drug education, life coaching and decision making skills, and more, helping teens take control of their lives and reintegrate them back into a successful school experience.


Students are taught using a combination of instruction, demonstration, feedback, reinforcement, behavioral rehearsal and practice. The intent of the program is to teach the kind of generic skills for coping with life that has a broad application beyond reducing drug abuse. Teens understanding that resisting interpersonal and media influences, increased self-control and self-esteem, and adaptive coping strategies for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as general assertiveness skills, allows them to say no to peers. It also allows them to return back to school with a renewed focus and zest for academic success.