Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

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Action Family Counseling offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Rehab Treatment, and a hybrid between the two known as Partial day treatment. Since 1997, we've provided help to those in need in the Los Angeles, Ventura, and the Kern County. We lay the foundation for recovery for you or your loved one if you/ or they are in need of help for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, mental health and/or dual-diagnosis. 

Intensive Outpatient


Locations in Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley,  and Bakersfield.

Action's Programs are Industry Leading


We offer an industry leading outpatient level of care: our Intensive Outpatient program. We have several IOP facilities throughout southern California. The program length is 3 months long; you or your loved one will meet in a group setting for 3 hours each day, 3 days a week until you/ or they are discharged by our Treatment Team. This program is perfect for those who are not in need of detox from substances, and to introduce individuals into recovery. IOP serves as an instrumental role of aftercare for people stepping-down from our residential or partial treatment settings. 

The next level of care that we offer is Partial treatment.  This level of care is right below rehab. Partial Day Treatment takes base on an outpatient setting.  The program length is determined on an individual basis, typical around a month. However, Actions team has received insurance authorization for longer treatment lengths.


Partial Day Treatment is nearly as intensive as Rehab Treatment.  The aftercare program follows the same structure as aftercare from the Action Rehabs. Aftercare includes 3 months of dedication towards and enrollment in an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Action's highest level of care is our Residential Treatment Center program, which is what is commonly referred to by media and press as rehab. We have several facilities throughout southern California, providing care to both adolescents and adults. You or your loved one will sleep at one of our facilities and receive treatment around the clock for the determined length of stay at our facilities.


The program length for residential is determined on an individual basis; often times it's determined that around one month is an adequate treatment length for many of our clients. However, Action's team has received insurance authorization for stays up to 3 months at our residential facilities.  Aftercare for our RTC includes 3 months of participation at one of our several Intensive Outpatient programs.

The Intake Process

The Intake Department at Action Family Counseling is responsible for initial contact with a client. The intake process begins with scheduling the initial intake appointment, by phone or in person. The Intake Department staff will conduct a brief screening with the client, or with the referral source.

For all intakes, inquiries, program questions and or to schedule appointments please call (800) 367-8336.

Action Family Counseling provides an extensive intake process to assure appropriate and adequate information is obtained from the patient to provide appropriate placement and also to provide the up most personalized care catered toward the individual and family's needs.

The Initial Assessment

Our program at Action Family Counseling provides a comprehensive initial screening assessment, which is conducted to determine whether further assessment or review is needed. We initially screen for alcohol and other drug use, depression, traumatic experiences, anxiety, excessive worries/stress, self-harm, hyperactivity and psychotic symptoms, eating disorders, nutritional health, educational needs, pain and conduct disorders.

Once the initial screen is conducted and comprehensive assessment is then completed on problem areas identified in the initial screening assessment. Following the comprehensive screening interview a thorough psychosocial assessment is then completed to determine the appropriate treatment planning. This is accomplished by collecting all past and present history.


Following the psychosocial assessment an integration summary and master problem list is then completed by the patient’s primary case counselor that integrates and summarizes all the information collected on the patient during this process. All patients will meet the assessment and admission criteria for residential chemical dependency and/or mental health.

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